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Benzos 529
Cannabis 5776
Dissociatives 582
Ecstasy 1021
Opioids 766
Other Drugs 19
Prescription 918
Psychedelics 1060
Steroids 208
Stimulants 2147
Digital 1850
Fraud 1563
Other Listings 73
Services 108

About Vice City Market

Vice City is a new marketplace developed with all users in mind, vendor or customer. During the development of Vice City we have taken into account many flaws we have seen with other marketplaces and developed what we believe to be a secure and easy to use platform for our customers and vendors.

We are not much to talk so we will explain our features here and we can answer any reasonable questions within comment section. The market has been tested by ourselves for many months from vendor and customer perspective. We have also hired 3rd party pentesters such as /u/stackz420 who found no exploits.

• First and most important. No funds are stored on the market server other than funds held in multisig. In the unlikely event we suffer a breach, user funds will untouched. This does mean all withdrawals are processed manually, but this is done multiple times every day by our team.

• All inputs and outputs are stripped and sanitized appropriately.

• Hardened server with strict file permissions.

• 2 of 3 Multisig! Trustless payments for vendors and customers. (We would prefer you to use this!)

• FE is removed automatically from vendors that receive a lower feedback score than average. This is for damage control if a vendor may have FE and be exit scamming and maybe save some user funds in these events.

• Read messages and support tickets are purged after set periods of time. Do not rely on keeping information in these places, it will be deleted eventually for opsec reasons.

• Customer addresses are deleted as soon as the vendor marks the product as shipped.

Features for customers:
• Walletless payments supported. We do not encourage deposits into your wallet unless you feel it is necessary.

• Secure messaging system with optional auto encrypt. We always encourage users to encrypt messages on their own system

• Add your favorite vendors to a list which is displayed to you on login.

• Report button on profiles. If a vendor is breaking our rules or asking you to direct deal you can use this to alert us and staff will investigate.

• Feedback system where vendors can rate you back, so you can build a trusted profile as a buyer also if you wish.

• Minimum withdraw of $5, we do not want to keep your money so we made this as reasonably low as possible.

• Extend autofinalize, +7 days for physical orders, +3 days for digital orders. This can only be done once then you must dispute or finalize.

• Double deposit? Do not panic. The funds will automatically show in your balance, no support request needed. We saw this was a common issue on Empire and other markets.

• You made a walletless order and overpaid? The extra funds will appear in your balance automatically, no support request needed.

• On site discussion and Dread style voting for listings and vendor profiles. Your account must have at least 1 purchase and meet the requirements to post and vote. This is to prevent manipulation.

Features for vendors:
• Vendor panel displaying many things like your commission rate, listing count, sale count, total profit count, amount of funds in your escrow.

• Vendors can reply to their buyers feedback. The vendors reply will be shown under the feedback comment. This means you can thank users for feedback or defend yourself in the event you feel a feedback is not fair.

• Physical products are 10 day autofinalize, digital products are 3 day autofinalize.

• Coupons/Discount codes which are fully customizable. (Custom start date, end date, limited number of uses, discount percentage)

• Minimum buyer requirements (Feedback score, total USD spent and purchase count) and buyer blacklist.

• Message templates. You can write out premade message templates which will be available to you at the bottom of every message you send. This can be used to stop you typing out the same message to multiple customers.

• Auto dispatch for digital vendors. Available by line by line, or the entire content of the box.

• Automatic messages which can be set to trigger on different events (New order, accepted order, shipped order, finalized order). These are also integratable with coupons. For example you can set an automatic message to send to customers when they finalize an order, which will generate and automatically send them their own personal discount code for next time they shop with you. You could also use this to send out any general information about your shipping to customers when you mark an order as shipped which may answer questions they would ask you.

• Clone listings. Detailed listing stats with stock count and sale to view percentage.

• There is many more, but we urge you to check our marketplace out for yourself! We are on tickets every day to serve.

What can we expect in the future?
We already have the following things on our list or already in development:

• XMR!

• Featured listings

• A more functional listing rotation.

• Lottery for users.

• Polling system. We want users to have a vote in our future development. You can submit ideas via ticket and if our staff feel they will benefit all users we will put it to a poll and let the community drive our development path. After all, what is a market without its users?

Vendors: 115    Listings: 755    Active Disputes: 100    Completed Orders: 85362   $39,049.41     $235.71